Adobe’s Tooling for jQuery and the Mobile Web

Ryan Stewart, Developer Evangelist Adobe and Scott Fegette, DreamweaverProduct  Manger, show off some new tools in Flash and Dreamweaver CS5. Fegette’s run through consisted mostly of the new live preview built into the latest version of Dreamweaver giving the user, well, live previews of their content as they would appear in the browser. Not only that, it now has multi-screen previews built in, allowing the user to create profiles for mobile phones, tablets and PC based browsers based on width and height. You can then create css profiles that respond to these widths and load custom css files for each. He also gave a short preview of their browser labs project allowing you to view and test across multiple browsers and OS’, which can be found at Here you can use the 1, 2 and 3 keys to switch between a 1-up, 2-up and 3-up onion skinned view to see how your pages flow will change across multiple browsers.

Stewart showed off the new iOs and Android export tools now built into flash and did a quick preview of their new project called Wallaby. A tool that will take very simple timeline animation, and I mean simple, and export out a banner using a comination of html, javascript, jquery and svg. Although it is simple now and, they do have plans to expand on it and allow it to convert actionscript to this form.

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