Austin Bats Break Into SXSW

Last night, Emily and I went to the Austin Convention Center to get our SXSW badges.

That was our only intention.

Until, I suddenly hear Emily scream and next thing I know she is on the ground, pointing to the ceiling, shrieking, “O. M. G. O. M. G. O. M. G!”

Two bats had managed to break into the third floor of the Austin Convention Center.

While Emily is tucked behind the corner of a wall, one of the SXSW workers non-chalantly walks into the area, and Emily screams, “BAT! BAT! BAT!”

And, the lady goes bat-sh*t crazy. Literally.

She screams into her walkie-talkie, “Animal control! There is a B-A-T here. A B-A-T! I’m going to get rabies!”

And, so I documented the event. Naturally.

FYI: Security decided animal control was unnecessary. Instead, they sent a different lady with a bug-catching net to try to quarantine the bats. I hope she caught them, but a small part of me also hopes that the bats are still there for the thousands of SXSW attendees today.

Lessons learned:

1) Yes, there are bats in Austin. And, they also really want to go to SXSW.

2) If this ratio of adventures per hour maintains, I will have a lot of great stories to share.


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