Central Texas Fires

In 2005, on August 29th, the levees broke in New Orleans. In times of crisis, GSD&M’s core values often spread beyond the walls on 6th street.  It was then that a group of 4 GSD&M-ers, myself included, drove 3 moving vans East on I-10 with no knowledge of what lay ahead. The story is one I tell often and one of my proudest moments as a member of the GSD&M family.

While our belief in community spread, we also extended our restlessness by creating spots for the Ad Council featuring the voice over of Morgan Freeman. They began airing within two days of the tragedy.Unfortunately, we find ourselves in 2011 with a crisis closer to home in Bastrop, Texas. I am thankful that once again, GSD&M responded quickly and with passion. We have PSA’s for the Red Cross coming out this week with the help of celebrities Mack Brown and Ray Benson.

We are again collecting supplies like water, clothes, non-perishable food items, sheets and bedding. Monetary donations will be used towards buying more of the aforementioned items. Feel free to use GSD&M as a drop off for items to be delivered to the community in Bastrop.

You can also donate cash at the reception desk or directly at the Red Cross of Central Texas website here:

The Central Texas communities are working hard to help out our neighbors. We know it will be a long road to recovery, but we are committed to making a difference.

Image courtesy of Deanna Roy.

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