Congrats to Herb Kelleher!

By Duff Stewart, President and CEO, GSD&M

At the heart of one of the world’s most admired companies is a man we’ve admired and had the privilege to work with for many years. Herb Kelleher is a Texas cowboy by way of New Jersey and someone you wish you could spend a few minutes with every day. He’s a business visionary, a tenacious competitor and a commanding general in the fight to democratize the skies.

GSD&M Founders and Southwest’s Colleen and Herb

Steve Gurasich, Colleen Barrett, Tim McClure, Judy Trabulsi, Herb Kelleher, Roy Spence

GSD&M has been a proud partner of Herb and Southwest Airlines for more than 30 years. And through a maverick spirit and an unwavering commitment to customers, SWA and GSD&M have raised some eyebrows and raised the game for an industry. It’s remarkable what you can accomplish with hot pants, peanuts and a great sense of humor.

Congratulations to Herb on his AAF Advertising Hall of Fame Achievement Award. And here’s to many more years of lighting up the skies.

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