Consumer Electronics Show – Day 1

The following is a report from CES. Stay tuned for more updates:

Carmen Graf and I reporting from CES. We just had a couple of hours on the floor today…but just enough to get acclimated to the overwhelming and fascinating showcase of the latest and greatest in gadgets and technology. A few common themes we found in our short burst today:

– Connected TVs – Internet Television, devices and software all over the floor today and reported in the press.   The ability to customize and personalize the TV experience through apps, widgets and recommendation engines is transforming the way people watch television.   “Over the top” TV technology options to bring premium online content (Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, etc.) directly to the TV screen and bypass traditional TV operators are escalating.  Roku, Google TV, Apple TV are just a few names to watch in this space.

– 3G is so 2010…LTE or “4G” is here!  The next gen network powering exciting new products and service introductions at CES including Google’s forthcoming Honeycomb, the Android OS for tablets found in the Motorola Xoom and Samsung Galaxy to name a few.,2817,2375325,00.asp

– Less emphasis on 3DTV  – 3D in the living room didn’t take off as expected in 2009 due to limited content and those pesky, and often expensive, 3D glasses.  3DTV dominated the show last year, but the darling this year is….

– Tablets!  Due to the phenomenal success of the iPad, tablets are front and center at CES this year.  According to CNET’s Molly Wood, “It’s Raining Tablets!” at this year’s CES!  Several companies, most notably Android-powered tablet computers are vying to go head to head with the iPad in 2011.

– And for the disappointment of the day…we MISSED Lady Gaga!   My 10 year old will never let me live this down.

Tune in for more updates as the conference goes into full swing tomorrow.

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