Death of the demo; rise of the branded tutorial

Below are the key takeaways for creating a successful branded tutorial however, my thoughts on some of them are after that. Hope you enjoy.

1. Don’t make them boring

2. Quality (get’s appreciated especially the sound)

3. Purpose (satisfy the user)

4. Goal is to educate, entice, entertain and get the user talking)

5. Measurement is important (drop-off is typical but look for atypical drop-off)

6. Think creatively (use humor and good scripts)

Overall, the list above could be applied to any online video and mostly intuitive. The key is curiousity, videos should entice the user to learn more on their own. You can’t force them to watch and while  Joshua Rosenbaum suggests humor for your video I suggest using it only if it’s relevenat for your brand and audience.

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