Do you recognize this bag?

A Chinese ad for a logo-free version of Louis Vuitton's Alma bag featuring actress Fan Bingbing. (Louis Vuitton)If you don’t, Louis Vuitton probably isn’t interested in getting your business. The company recently ran the ad above (yes; despite not having any textual information, it’s an ad) in China as part of a campaign for logo-free handbags. The logo, which has shown up on guns, toilet seats, condoms and skin, is one of the most recognizable in the world. Luxury consumers in China are reacting to the pervasiveness of logos across all high-end goods by spending their money on more understated pieces. Louis Vuitton is in turn adapting to reflect this preference in a demonstrably exclusive way: if you don’t recognize the bag as the Alma or the model as actress Fan Bingbing, Louis Vuitton ambassador, then it won’t mean anything to you. The ad is purposefully mean to be less in-your-face and more over-your-head. This isn’t the first time a brand has used exclusivity to elevate its status, but Louis Vuitton’s emphasis on the lifestyle over the logo may help it come back from the slowing market of luxury goods in China.

One of the most iconic and most copied logos in the world has been wiped away for now, but we’ll have to wait and see if its absence will be felt.

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