Dressing Up Like Snooki Is Better Than Ditch Digging.

Every year we have a costume contest at GSD&M. Almost every year I enter and don’t win.

‘06 – June Carter Cash (I sang, didn’t place). I had been employed just 2 short months.

‘07 – Too humiliated from ‘06 to enter.

‘08 – Palin with Todd Palin in Camo. DSC_5050

‘09 – Balloon Boy’s BALLOON and Falcon in a Box.

Balloon Boy_n Charlie In Box_n

‘10 – Snooki. Not my natural anything color. And yes, I manually added the curves.


But beat out by the old guy, Luke Sullivan…

lukeIMG_6377 lukeIMG_6425 lukeIMG_6430

So why do I do it? I guess in the words of Luke, “It’s better than ditch digging” when you come to work as Snooki and get a “good job” email from your boss. I say, if you are employed at a place like that, count your blessings, dress up and take the opportunity to humiliate yourself at work. It’s actually kind of liberating.

Maybe next year I will take my revenge. I bet Lindsey will too….


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