Enough email already!

It’s 8 am and your email suddenly jumps from 2 unread emails to 12. How many of them are relevant and did you actually want? Ever heard of bac’n?I hadn’t. It is the kind of email that you kind of wanted, you registered for it, but maybe youdidn’t really want it right then. Well, long story short, we need to keep our emails short and sweet and see if we can bundle them so we don’t overwhelm the consumers. I concur, I need to find a way to turn off my shopping emails when it is the end of the pay period and just have them sent to me at the beginning of the pay period when I have money to make spontaneous buying decisions.

This is definitely under the “Better World” purpose for me. Who wants to keep getting their inboxes overwhelmed with email? If we had less emails from spam and bac’n then we would have more time for better things.

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