Nerd Profile: Jay Russell


What’s your title or role at GSD&M?

Executive Creative Director

How does someone become a valuable asset or leader when it comes to understanding technology?

Make it simple enough to communicate to every audience.

Where do you want to see technology playing a role in consumer behavior in 2013?

I just want technology to bow down to my needs. Like Instagram did. Feel a need I didn’t know I had, don’t give me something I didn’t ask for that is trying to change my behavior.

How big do you think social media can get without being invasive? Or are we already living in a modern day version of ‘Minority Report’?

We asked for it. 10 years ago I remember our culture freaked out at the idea of traffic cameras because we thought our rights had been violated. Now we simply check a box. I think its an easy thing to stomp about but really doesn’t effect my life at all in the end. Least not yet . . . bwhahahahahaha.

Google, Facebook, Apple and Amazon. Who is the next big brand that you’re keeping your eye to do that “next big thing?”

Apple. Say what you want about all the other up and comers, they are still mostly emulating Apple. Everything is based on their footprint. Everything.

Would you ever want to become a bionic man?

No. I don’t like squeaks and rust.

Tell us something.

Don’t be a philosopher that just talks about what is happening in our world. Participate. The world needs more doers and less people attending conferences talking about what the really good people are doing.

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