EXTREMELY Last Minute Costume Ideas Found at Your Local Walgreens

Today’s the day. You’ve been putting off cobbling together a Halloween costume for weeks.

Fear not. Visit your local Walgreens store for any of these costume ideas:

1. Hall(s) & (Quaker) Oats: Grab both logos and pin to shirt.

2. Chip on the shoulder: Hit up the game aisle and secure one poker chip to a shoulder.

3. As Seen on TV guy: The merchandise you always avoid. Wear a Snuggie, carry the 11×17 TV remote and handout PedEggs.

4. Hallmark aisle: Pick out a handful of your top Hallmark cards and secure to clothing. Getting emotional just thinking about it.

5. All your eggs in one basket: Venture into Walgreens’ food section, purchase a dozen eggs and a basket. Easy.

Now, have fun.

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