Fake it ’til you become it with Power Posing

I was thrilled to see Amy Cuddy, social psychologist, back in the headlines. I saw her speak at SXSW 2014, and her presentation on Power Posing and how the body can change the mind really inspired me. And she inspired millions with her TED Talk on the subject in 2012. Amy asserts that by simply tweaking our posture, we can transform the way we feel about ourselves. This is not about cheerleading ourselves in to feeling good; it’s about body chemistry.

Amy’s research suggests that sitting or standing for two minutes in an open and expansive position can actually change hormone levels – increasing testosterone (assertiveness) and decreasing cortisol (stress). This is great news as it means we can use simple techniques to make our posture work for us and to feel more powerful.

So how does it work?Simply find a private place (conference room, elevator, bathroom, etc.) and assume a power pose position for two minutes. The “Wonder Woman” is a popular one (and you don’t have to wear the suit)! Just two minutes in these poses will prepare your brain to perform better in demanding situations, which happen practically every day in our world!Try Power Posing to gain confidence and conviction before a big meeting or client presentation. Or, simply be aware of your posture throughout the day. Making minor tweaks to more open positions can make you feel better… and more powerful!

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