Google+, or bust?

I know. It’s another article that appears to allude to the demise of Google+. You can find more than a few of these scattered about the Internet from the past few years. Many are asking why the seemingly plagued social network still exists. The big news this week? Among all the other famous couples calling it quits out there: Google+ and YouTube.





However, what appears negative at first glance might actually be a positive. As Google’s Bradley Horowitz states, “We think changes like these will lead to a more focused, more useful, more engaging Google+.” It’s clear that Google still hopes to have a relevant social network. And separating its services will allow those who enjoy the social aspect to remain focused on what they like about its community features.

Now, don’t run out and cancel your Google+ profile right away. It’s going to be a process of separation that will take awhile. However, the future holds a Google account that won’t be searchable or followable. This has promise for those users who may not want to make their every move in the Google framework public.

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