GSD&M Presents: Star & Micey

When people hear an accordion, their heads perk up and they think, “Where’s the music?” It’s natural. When Star & Micey start to play a song with their accordion, people can’t help but jam along with them. It’s just as natural.

Last month, Star & Micey stopped by GSD&M  to talk about creativity, Austin vs. Memphis and of course, play us some tunes, as they embarked on their West Coast tour.Hailing from Memphis, Tennessee, these guys have a personality that you can’t help but become enamored with. They’ve recorded at Ardent Studios working with Jody Stephens of Big Star, among many legendary names, creating a down-to-earth vibe that will get your toes a-tapping and make you just want to give them a hug. The band is made up of five guys (Geoff, Josh, Nick, Adam and Jeremy) toting a banjo, guitar, drums, bass and one spectacular accordion.

Pulling us in with their upbeat sound, they fed off the crowd’s energy and, sure enough, had us GSD&Mers on our feet. We went wild when Nick did a back flip in our theater. We cheered for Adam’s accordion solos. And Director of Word Services Lucy Sansom became smitten with them when they serenaded her in the elevator. We were in musical bliss and we’re glad the feeling was mutual.

Check them out on singing “The Way I Look At It” and catch some of their other songs on YouTube.

Awesome concert poster compliments of Robert Lin.

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