High school heroes…

You know the line, high school heroes, real world zeroes. And visa versa. Stereotypes can be inaccurate and silly, but as I look around this room of CSS designers and developers I can’t help but believe there are a few people here that might have been given a hard time over the years…

But my how that has changed. These people are brilliant. They represent amazing companies (Mozilla, Google, Microsoft, etc) and they are writing the guidelines for programs and applications that are changing the web, and essentially, the world.

And I, I am sitting here just trying to keep up and understand enough to blog specifically about the topic at hand, rather than focusing on something easy like cliches about social profiling.So anyway, here is what I am hearing about CSS implementation.

1) its constantly changing and W3C wants designers’ feedback.

2) reading specs well can be as hard as writing them.

3) designers need devs involved early on to give good feedback

4) specs are incredibly important and best described as similar to stew: requiring both heat and time to get it right.

5) if you are a single gal looking to meet a real world hero- go to the dev panels.

That’s all for now.

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