Joy on a Leash

I made lots of new friends yesterday. A couple of them were actually people.

In what I can only assume was an initiative to make faces hurt with happiness, GSD&M hosted the best day in the history of days: bring your dog to work day. For someone like me who doesn’t have a dog but really^∞ wants one, it was an opportunity to live vicariously through other people’s pets.

I was so happy when I went home, I forgot that I can’t draw and attempted to express my over-elated happiness through paper and sharpie.


If that picture doesn’t make you immediately want to do a happy dance on top of your desk….I totally get it. An artist I am not. (I’m actually pretty sure I may retroactively fail Art Direction 101 because of this.)

But what I think the giant cartoon face lacks in realism, likeness-to-a-human, or gender defining characteristics, it makes up for in size and depiction of joy.

I hope we have more days like this in the future. (If only because my drawing skills have no where to go but up.)

Check out all of the pictures from Dog Day here:

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