Love and Momentum
Love &

A family stays strong as long as there’s love and momentum. Without momentum, we’d wither. Without love, we’d just be a business.

Our family has grown since we started in 1971. Along the way we’ve shared tears of joy and tears of heartbreak. We’ve shared moments worth celebrating. And we’ve shared moments we shouldn’t talk about in mixed company.

Although they’d make one hell of a story.

Here you’ll find some of the things we’re most proud of. Things we’ve done together that make us so proud of one another we can hardly stand it.

This is a collection of milestones, memories, people and ideas. They are moments that brought us together and pushed us forward.

Some of this will look pretty damn smart in hindsight. A lot of it was luck. A lot of it was guts. But everything we did—smart, dumb or just plain weird—turned us into who we are today, and we’re not stopping.

Love what you do, love who you do it with. That’s what makes you strong. That’s what keeps you going.

We are not a normal agency. But we are a typical family. Enjoy our scrapbook.

  • 49
    What's in our Wallet? Capital One, Baby!
  • 48
    The Great Chicken War of 2019
  • 47
    Defense. Sacrifice. Duty. Conflict. Teamwork. Courage. Honor. Battle strategy. Victory. Yep, it was the Air Force pitch.
  • 46
    If you want to get 400 GSD&Mers into a bathroom, tell one of them they can't come in.
  • 45
    Muscle car, meet muscle agency.
  • 44
    Without our design team, we'd be (almost) nothing.
  • 43
    RadioShack, "The Phone Call" Super Bowl Domination
  • 42
    Duff Stewart
  • 41
    GSD&M Wins Walgreens Account.
  • Employee Photo for rcioppa
  • Employee Photo for randyromero
  • Employee Photo for vlopez