From Marketing Daily: PGA Tour Shows Off its ‘Good Guys’

By Aaron Baar

As the PGA Tour continued last weekend in Scottsdale, Ariz., tour organizers wanted people to know the athletes are as dynamic and disciplined as those who played a few miles away in the so-called “Big Game.”

The spot, from agency GSD&M, begins with actor Luke Wilson (who last year provided the voiceover, but makes a physical appearance this year) rhetorically asking if the guys on the tour have it made. “It’s all red carpets and limos? Well, why don’t you ask this guy,” as the visuals cut to a sweat-covered Rose running to stay in shape. As the video cuts to the other golfers sinking huge putts and big drives, Wilson likens the tour to “swimming with sharks.” The spot ends with the tagline, “These guys are good.” Read full story here.

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