Goodyear’s latest campaign partners with Dale Earnhardt Jr. to #MakeAName

Goodyear’s latest campaign with Dale Earnhardt Jr. highlights what it takes to #MakeAName

GSD&M’s long-time partner, Goodyear, recently launched a new campaign to celebrate the passion and drive it takes to make a name. In collaboration with Dale Earnhardt Jr. and AJ Croce, the story celebrates the relationship between Goodyear and Earnhardt Jr. with an emotional rendition of Jim Croce’s iconic song, “I Got A Name.”

“Goodyear has always been part of my family and I’m proud to partner with them on this ‘Make a Name’ spot, which is a reflection of one’s legacy, values and drive,” said Earnhardt Jr.  “It tells a very personal story about me growing up, but it also hits home with where I am today, both personally and professionally.”

Watch the full spot and check out what ESPN, The Drum and Forbes had to say about the work.


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