GSD&M wins Campaign US Media Team of the Year

By Campaign US

The Austin, Texas, agency GSD&M boasts that it builds “first and only” brands. That is, brands that are first in their category and with unique positioning that’s only possible given each one’s particular essence. The agency has attracted some of the world’s biggest advertisers and then kept them long past the industry norm. Part of GSD&M’s unusual approach has included reimagining its media team, led by chief media officer Dave Kersey, as the Consumer Engagement Group, reflecting today’s ever-changing and fragmented consumer journey.

In 2023, GSD&M’s work with the venerable container brand Stanley made it newly relevant again. As AOR for Stanley on TikTok, GSD&M knew that Stanley needed a unique narrative as a brand that understands the power of community. The agency’s strategy was built around intentionality and deeply understanding how to tap into the culture as well as style and food/beverage trends. GSD&M launched a creator program to establish and nurture a culture of co-creation.

Stanley was not the only long-established brand to get a refresh thanks to GSD&M. Fruit of the Loom’s Fruit Guys were reimagined for the TikTok age — and TikTok and Instagram audiences — with a new, more diverse line-up led by popular TikToker Emma. Now renamed the Fruit People, the characters are featured in a series of videos that play off popular social media trends and daily life scenarios.


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