#PizzaHutHut: Look out for Honest Abe in SBLIII pregame

In Pizza Hut’s latest campaign, $5 Lineup, the beloved pizza brand features a modern-day Abe Lincoln, Mr. Five Dollar Bill himself. In the spots, Abe is a husband and father who, through the use of quirky humor and relatable situations, brings to life the variety of offerings that fans can get at Pizza Hut for “just a Lincoln each.”

The campaign aligns with Pizza Hut’s commitment to deliver distinctive and consistent advertising that breaks through with its customers. Modern-day Abe illustrates moments that matter spent with family and friends in ways that everyone can relate to — gathering over hot food in the kitchen, the overly intense video game matchup or having the crew over for the big game.

As Pizza Hut’s agency-of-record, we are also incredibly proud to share that this campaign was created in collaboration with JEAN (from Community Productions), a production trio with a female director. This is part of our mutual agreement with Pizza Hut to include a bid from a female director in every production possible as part of our commitment to Free the Bid.

Look out for some of these spots in the Super Bowl pregame this Sunday and #PizzaHutHut

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