Ram Truck brand and GSD&M shine a “Spotlight” on everyday rock stars with Foo Fighters in new campaign

Born out of a shared passion to recognize the people who make us the best we can be, iconic rock musician Dave Grohl of Foo Fighters makes his advertising debut by teaming up with the Ram Truck brand to launch “Spotlight,” a multimedia campaign that spans TV, digital and social. The campaign shines a light on parents, family caregivers, coaches, teachers and everyday heroes who remind us they are built to serve, even in the most challenging times.

“Spotlight” debuted with “Rock Star,” featuring Dave Grohl in his Ram 1500 alongside his narration, showing there’s a rock star in all of us when we bring out the best in others. “Overtime,” another featured spot narrated by Grohl, shows that you don’t always set out to be a rock star, but when the spotlight finds you, you become one anyway.

All “Spotlight” campaign spots feature “Making a Fire,” written and performed by Foo Fighters, on their new album Medicine at Midnight.

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