The #1 Pick for Draft Night: Popeyes Wingspan Box

This year’s professional basketball draft is largely in New Orleans’ favor with the first-round pick slated to be basketball’s latest prodigy. NOLA doesn’t shy away from celebrations, so Popeyes created the perfect meal for a draft party: The Wingspan Box. The box is nearly seven-feet long and fits ELEVEN (!) seven-piece boneless wings meals. Yes, 77 wings.

The Wingspan Box will be sold in New Orleans at Popeyes flagship store on Canal Street and will feature in-store photo ops celebrating the rebirth of basketball in the city of New Orleans.

“If you’re a Popeyes person, this writer stands beside you, housing salty biscuits that each have a rough half-life of about 20 minutes. If you’re not, well, more Wingspan Box for the rest of us.” The Takeout

So now you’ve got tonight’s dinner and tomorrow’s lunch covered. But like, maybe don’t bring the leftovers to work in that seven-foot box.” – Delish

Man holding open wingspan box

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