Perspective is good thing #gsdm


We happened to be driving by the Bob Bullock Museum last night at around 8:25pm, so we stopped to check out the Hubble 3d IMAX showing at 8:30.   What a pleasant, unplanned experience.

After another challenging week in advertising it’s refreshing to look at the world in a radically different way.  The big view.  The footage is stunning and Leonardo DiCaprio’s narration is never boring.
The take off alone is exhilarating.  And then you’re in space.  The earth is beautiful. And big.  And covered in clouds.  You can see the details of Hawaii.  Of Africa. And how incredibly big and black space is.  It made me feel tiny.  And a bit clueless.

But then I couldn’t help but reflect on what’s going on down here, and how our world truly is getting smaller, in a good way, by the technology that is growing so rapidly (I know I’m at risk of true cliché-ness here).  The world is more attainable via our magic phones, skype, facebook, youtube, blogs for every interest, down to finding people at specific locations via foursquare.  We’re all in the middle of an incredible change in society and history itself, all due to technology.   Humans haven’t changed much.  We still want to be part of a group and want to learn and want to laugh; we still fight with each other and have extreme opinions.  We just have more access now to everyone else around the globe.  It’s no wonder our advertising brains hurt as we try to capture all of this and somehow affect it.

I think I’ll go download the app that tracks the constellations on my iphone.

However you look at it, it’s worth a trip away from the daily grind.


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