Southwest does fares so differently, we had to invent a word for it: Transfarency.

Transfarency means our low fares have nothing to hide. It means two bags fly free, and we don’t charge change fees. And that means everyone saves a whole lot of money. We thought we’d celebrate with our friends in Atlanta by letting them know just how much they saved by flying Southwest.

We even decided to save people from fees when they’re flying other airlines.

The Twitterverse is full of travelers crying foul because other airlines hit them with unexpected fees. We decided to right some wrongs by paying those sneaky fees for them. #FeesDontFly

Get ready, other airlines, we’re going open kimono.

People seem to like being treated fairly. Imagine that.

Transfarency seems to have struck a nerve. No wonder. Travelers do deserve fair treatment. We appreciate the headlines. But honestly, it’s always seemed like common sense to us.

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