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By: Seema Vashi

Since last week, GSD&M Idea City has had a distinct new aura surrounding the agency.  The weather was cooler, the halls were livelier, and the men seemed…classier.

After closer inspection, the cause for the change was clear.  17 admirable men from around the agency took on the manliest of tasks, and started growing their MOustaches in honor of MOvember.  Every year starting November 1st, dedicated MO’ Bros and MO’ Sistas from around the world come together to help create a new face for men’s health by spreading prostate cancer awareness throughout the month.  Men start clean-shaven on the start of the month and let their MO’ flow throughout the 30 days.

Week one just finished, and the mo’s are already flowin’.  Let’s check out some of our MO’ bros and see their 1 week status, their Moustachioed Hero, and why they personally chose to grow their MO’.


Name: Kenneth Walden 

Your Mustachioed Hero: Magnum, P.I.


Why you’re participating in Movember: We’ve all had cancer touch our lives to one degree or another. So why not participate, donate, or both?


Name: Joe Garcia 

Your Mustachioed Hero: Burt Reynolds as “The Bandit” 

Why you’re participating in Movember: Because cancer sucks!! If supporting any one of the cancer fighting/support organizations helps to find a cure…I’m all for it. This is a simple way for me to show my support.



Name: Trent Warsham 

Your Mustachioed Hero: Ned Flanders 

Why you’re participating in Movember: To help those I know affected by prostate cancer



Name: James Steckel 

Your Mustachioed Hero: Cheech Marin  

Why you’re participating in Movember: ‘cuz cancer SUCKS. My Grandfather died of bone cancer and my cousin and my uncle both died of Brain cancer.


Name: Perry Conner 

Your Mustachioed Hero: Gomez Addams, Goose – Top Gun 

Why you’re participating in Movember: Community. And since I am over 40, it is a reminder to myself to schedule an appointment for a screening before the end of the year.



Name: Eric Buchanan 

Your Mustachioed Hero: Derek Smalls (Spinal Tap)

Why you’re participating in Movember: To help raise money and awareness to fight the #1 cancer affecting men, while trying to build street cred with my fellow bikers and 80’s rockers.



Name: Dallas LaRose 

Your Mustachioed Hero: Ron Burgundy

Why you’re participating in Movember: My mom who recently died of cancer.


Name: David Canavan

Your Mustachioed Hero: The Stranger for the Big Lebowski.
Why you’re participating in Movember:
Like most men, I had been looking for a reason to grow a mustache for a while. The chance to grow a cancer fighting mustache seemed like just the right reason.



Name: Bill Bayne
Your Mustachioed Hero: Freddie Mercury
Why you’re participating in Movember:  Too many friends and family members have had their lives altered and destroyed by this grotesque disease. So I am presenting the world with my beautiful moustache to help counterbalance the ugliness that is cancer.



Name: Matthew Lyle

Hero: Rollie Fingers (baseball player)

Reason: With all the great attention that Susan G. Komen has brought to breast cancer awareness, the emphasis on men getting examined for prostate cancer has been lost. If a little facial hair can encourage a prostate exam then I consider that a win.

After seeing the progress of these MO’ bros, a sense of jealousy is natural.  But don’t worry, it’s not too late to get involved! Men, you can still become a MO’ Bro and start clean-shaven ASAP.  Women – become a MO’ Sista and help spread the mo’-loving word. Together, we can all join the worldwide movement in staying stache-y, not trashy.

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