The Bruce Lee School of Advertising

I am a high-spending world traveler who vacations in Turks and Caicos using my American Express Black Card. I am a caring mother and I want my children’s clothes to be soft and comfortable and thus I use the Downy Ball. I’m 18, I have a vague idea of what I want to do with my life but no real idea of how to do it. Maybe the Air Force is the answer. I am depressed. I haven’t been out of my house in months. The dishes piled in the sink are rank. My phone rings and I don’t care. Could Zoloft help?

I am water. I am a chameleon. I shed my true skin, beliefs, identity, and form to become someone else. I leave my shoes behind and put on the loafers of the rich, the sandals of the mom, the sneakers of the teen and the pain of the depressed. I am Bruce Lee, adjusting my style as needed — my craft taking new forms to land with more impact and power. I practice Bruce Lee Advertising.

Are you, writer and art director, Bruce Lee? Do you adjust your vision of “cool” as mandated by that of the target? Do you pick music that not only makes your spot better but makes it more poignant for the viewer? Do you design the website your customer needs for their life or the one you need for your book?

Are you, account person, Bruce Lee? Do you temper what you “know” from past category experience with what the current state of the category landscape is? Do you recommend ideas that should be bought because they’re right for the target over what can be sold considering client sensibilities?

Are you, media planner and buyer, Bruce Lee? Do you plan guided solely by CPM and the media demographics you need to hit or by CPM and where your target actually consumes media? Do you think about the targets life, struggles, and victories and how those impact when and where they’ll be most receptive to the message you deliver?

Are you, client, Bruce Lee? Do you truly view your brand the way the market does or do you see it the way your coworkers think the market sees your brand? Do you stick with the tried and true because “that’s the way it’s always been done” or do you flow with the consumer and change your approach as they change their lives?

When you walk through the office doors, drop your baggage and pick up someone else’s. Empty your cup and fill it anew. Be water my friend. Be Bruce Lee.

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