The Internet of Couture? That’s Right, People.

I came across a very interesting story this morning as I was snooping around for what might be the big CES 2015 consumer product discussions. Apparently, just when I thought it was it was enough to be fitbit-ing my wrist, Nest-ing my house and contemplating how soon my car could drive itself solo for a donut and milk run, I discovered that the world of fashion has declared its own Jestsons-esque entry into the Internet of Things (IoT) arena.

Imagine smart clothes that scan your body’s vital statistics like Cityzen Science’s D-Shirt. Imagine the potential of designer Lauren Bowker’s current project to create clothes that can change color by reading your actual brain waves and determining your mood. This technology alone could alert you to reschedule meetings with coworkers who show up in a seeming black shroud of angriness. My personal favorite is LikeAGlove.Screen Shot 2014-12-17 at 9.54.34 AMImage: Like a GloveImagine smart clothing that only exists to measure your body to ascertain and then recommend your optimal-fitting brands. At this rate, my go-to Austin citizen flip-flops and T-shirt collection may not be able to keep up.

And this opens up a whole can of worms in my opinion. Think of the insights brands will be able to glean—and the highly customized products that will result—from the data made available through these wearables. In this brave new world, what advertising professional can effectively sustain that cultivated, calculated hipster “I’m-too-cool-to-care-about-my-clothes-I-just-roll-out-of-bed-and-start-being-cool-and-creative-and-effortfortlessly-throw-on-the-coolest-outfit” charade when what you are wearing has more technology than your smartphone? Technology, might I add, that may just be mischievously uploading your dating site antics to your mom’s Facebook wall as you jog.

Creepy or awesome? You decide.

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