The Promise of Free Towels Won an Election?

So Iceland’s economy tanked after the banking crisis of 2008 due the greed of unscrupulous politicians and bankers (I know, whaaa?!). After demonstrations and the resignation of their Prime Minister, the Best Party was formed by an actor and comedian through grassroots efforts  promising “free towels for everyone” and “a drug-free parliament by 2020”. Using satire to point out the current flaws in the system, their platform was stated as “openly corrupt”  as opposed to secretly corrupt and promised what they’ve coined as sustainable transparency. And they actually won the Mayorship as well as the majority of seats on the Reykjavik City Council.Now, a group called The Ministry of Ideas has been in the process of creating a constitution through crowdsourcing. This concept blew my mind – a new constitution written by the people for the people. I wish them the best of luck. If/when it succeeds, perhaps it will be an inspiration to the rest of the world.

They’re currently working with 13,000 randomly selected people and 300 volunteers (politically active, many of whom participated in the demonstrations). They’ve held brainstorming sessions and asked questions covering 9 different political topics.



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