We are digital cows

Before the internet we found other ways to consume media like magazines or actually talking to one another. This made it simple for media to typecast individuals into groups and for a lack of a better word, would force us to use that outlet for information.

With the internet, we can consume as much or as little media from various outlets as we want. We digitally graze.

In the US, users download 18 songs per month on iTunes but only (up to) 2 songs are from one album. Think back in the day when you had to buy an album just to hear one song.

This ability to connect with what or who we want can either make us more diverse or typecast us into a certain mold. The panel on Digital Diversity was on overview of how alike and different we are on the internet but we can all be grouped in some shape or form.

The key takeaway for me was to not let the internet define who I am by my search habits and continue to seek out new information in different ways that suit me and perhaps connect me to like-minded peers along the way.

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