Why, oh why?

Recently the GSD&M Women’s Group hosted an inspiring presentation by Christy Pipkin, co-founder of the Nobelity project (her husband, Turk, is the other co-founder). Christy shared stories about the Nobelity Project’s work partnering with communities and telling stories, from building schools in rural Kenya to planting trees in Texas.The Nobelity Project’s work is extremely inspiring, but what really resonated with me was something Christy said about a simple word:When Christy talked about her approach to solving problems, she told us she’s a seeker of the “why.”She emphasized the importance of not only asking the question, but being open to the real answer. Seems simple enough, right? But how many times have we asked a question and already had an answer or a desired response in mind? Probably more than we’d like to admit. Christy explained that when we open ourselves up to listening to the real answer, we also open ourselves up to new solutions and new approaches to problems. Pretty brilliant, huh?

Christy was in good company here at GSD&M; our jobs depend on “why?” Curiosity is one of our core values, and what better way to be curious than to constantly ask why. This curiosity is what pushes us to go beyond the obvious with our insights and provide big, simple and revolutionary ideas for our clients.

This curiosity is certainly not confined to business or advertising, though – it’s a good general philosophy. So next time you’re asking “why,” be sure to listen for the real answer.  I’m willing to bet it will be eye opening.

To learn more about The Nobelity Project, visit

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