E.C.H.O. by Active Theory and GSD&M wins CSS Design Award for 2021 Website of the Year

E.C.H.O. has won the CSS Design Award for 2021 Website of the Year!

After live events came to a halt in 2020, the U.S. Air Force tasked GSD&M to get creative by bringing virtual experiences online for potential recruits. We launched E.C.H.O.—which stands for Enhanced Cognitive Human Ops—with the guidance of a cognitive professor to show how a well-trained Airman is the Air Force’s greatest weapon. Through a series of challenges, players are tested on their reflexes, awareness and other cognitive skills. Check it out at Special thanks to our partners at Active Theory and Plan 8.

In addition to this web experience, there is also a fully immersive VR version of E.C.H.O. that is traveling the country as part of a mobile tour trailer for the Air Force Recruiting Service.

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